Who Is About To Takeover Hip Hop: Drake Or Kid Cudi?

05.05.09 10 years ago 122 Comments

Drake & Kid Cudi

Both artist are backed by major artist, with Lil Wayne praising Drake’s abilities and Kanye West co-signing Kid Cudi’s music. Kid Cudi’s track, “Day N Nite,” was a major success and he has more potential hits with, “Sky May Fall,” & “Pokerface.”

Drake, “So Far Gone,” mixtape is one of the most popular tapes of the year. “Best I Ever Had,” & “Successful,” off the mixtape are actually getting radio play across the country. Drake has been getting exposure while appearing during Lil Wayne’s recent tour & in Young Money’s, “Every Girl,” video.

With that said who do you see taking over the Hip Hop game? Do feel they are over rated or the real deal? And if not one of these two, what other young artist has potential to blow up?

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