Yung Berg And His Production Partner A1 Were Allegedly Robbed In Their Studio Last Night

Via Instagram

Producers Hitmaka, formerly Yung Berg, and A1 were allegedly robbed in their studio last night. The news broke last night on social media after A1’s wife revealed that fans from her Instagram live told her that the robbery had happened.

It’s kind of surreal that something this serious would catch her attention on social media before the proper authorities, or her husband, did — but that goes to show the power of this medium of communication. The video shows A1’s wife very emotionally thanking fans for alerting her and her family to the robbery that took place:

In the video above, you can hear Hitmaka talking to authorities and telling them that he didn’t see the perpetrators, and you can also hear someone in the background saying that the studio has cameras. Since retiring from rap after a turbulent career — Hitmaka has found a second life as a writer/producer with his partner, A1. He’s penned hits for the likes of Ty Dolla $ign, Nicki Minaj, and Jeremih, raising his stature as one of the more sought after tastemakers in urban music. Hopefully, the production duo aren’t set back too far after this unfortunate incident and manage to stay safe in the future.