Rising Rappers Lil Pump And 24Hrs Play ‘Lie Detector’ For Fakers On Their Bouncy New Single

Lil Pump is quickly approaching critical mass, doling out as many assists as he’s received in the past six months since his “Gucci Gang” arrived to shatter speakers and became a meme in its own right. Now, Pump himself is featuring on chest-pounding singles produced by DJ Carnage and making high profile guest appearances, like this one on Atlanta rapper 24Hrs‘ bouncy new single, “Lie Detector.”

24Hrs is fresh off the release of his second mixtape, 12am In Atlanta and is building a buzz off several solid, consistent projects. Like many of today’s young up-and-comers (and his own brother, MadeinTYO), 24Hrs does a mix of rapping and singing on most of his music. While “Lie Detector” features a bit more of the former than the latter, there’s a singsong quality to the catchy chorus that makes it fun to bop along to. The beat, produced by Hitmaka, has a cartoony quality to its synths, but its trappy 808s will likely still knock a bit of the bass out of your amps when you give it the car test.

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While 24Hrs utilizes a choppy, stop-and-start flow that leaves a lot of space for the beat to breathe, Pump goes for broke with a double-time delivery that displays all of his usual frenetic passion. He was recently arrested for shooting a gun in his house, but hasn’t seemed to let that dampen his over-the-top enthusiasm when he raps. The shared thread is, as per usual, money, girls, cars, and the like, but the fun, loose delivery and bright production make the track a candy-colored departure from the more menacing or hazy trap bangers dominating the hip-hop space. By standing out, 24Hrs and Lil Pump are doing exactly what it takes to make their own lane, shed the “one hit wonder” tag that has dogged both, and become true stars.