Review: Black Angels, ‘Indigo Meadow’

04.01.13 6 years ago
The Black Angels will please – nay, impress – their fans with new collection “Indigo Meadow,” and I”ll venture a guess that they”ll gain a new following on the strength of some individual rock songs. “Don”t Play With Guns” was the first song to arrive online for a reason: the hook is fun enough, even with the cultural sub-plot there, and still has the droning, penchant psych grrrr. “War on Holiday” is up, up, up with splashes of tambourine and low grumbling that would have Julian Casablancas taking notes. “I Hear Colors (Chromaesthesia)” sounds exactly what you”d think a song titled “I Hear Colors” would sound like, then it warps into head-heavy “Twisted Light,” where Stephanie Bailey”s drum melodies lines are just as interesting as the coughing organ freak-outs and Alex Maas” bookish sing-chanting.
Every chorus seems cherished, every solo contemplated, ever iso moment daintily dotted: and thus every song on “Indigo Meadow” seems indispensible. How 13 tracks feels a bit too long is a gluttony-of-riches problem. Highlights like  “Guns,” Doors-ian “Love Me Forever,” the title track, “The Day” and quiet fire closer “Black Isn”t Black,” makes it worth staying a little longer.

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