‘American Horror Story’ Faces The End With The Freshly Titled ‘Apocalypse’


American Horror Story has never been a show that believes in quiet, restrained horror, which is why the first season ended with the birth of the Antichrist, Michael, in the modern day, and then dropped the story completely. Over the years, we’ve gotten hints that the show will return to the Antichrist, and that the characters who made it out of American Horror Story: Coven will have something to do with it. And the first promotional images from season eight, and its subtitle, underscore that.

The official AHS Instagram page and Twitter feed dropped images this morning and, well, see for yourself:


We’re assuming that’s not a chrome baby finished with a nice coat of red paint and polish, and that’s almost certainly one of the show’s witches, backed up by the fact we’ve been promised a crossover between Murder House and Coven this season. And the subtitle Apocalypse makes it fairly clear that even if this isn’t just some abstract promotional art, things are going to be rougher than usual this year. So what kind of apocalypse are we talking about? Can it be averted? And, most importantly, are we going to see a realtor desperately trying to unload the murder house after years of insisting that just because every other owner died, it’s not going to keep happening? We’ll find out September 12th.

(via Entertainment Weekly)