Here’s Proof That ‘Toxic’ By Britney Spears Makes Any Big-Budget Fight Scene Better


There were a lot of things to love about Taika Waititi‘s candy-colored fever dream of a movie, Thor: Ragnarok, but perhaps the biggest appeal was how it bucked the traditional tropes of action films that came before it. Instead of the epic (but generic) score providing the background for all of the massive battles, Waititi chose to utilize the wails of Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song” in the pivotal scenes.

However, one Twitter user decided to take the musical cues to new heights, reaching into the annals of the early 00s and overlaying the Bifrost fight with Britney Spear’s “Toxic (her best track, don’t @ me). Surprisingly, it works like a damn dream.

Now, would that techno buildup work for other actions scenes as well? Could all action scenes benefit from a shot of Britney, bitch? Well, thanks to Polygon, we know the answer is yes.

While the reactions to Star Wars: The Last Jedi were decidedly mixed, nearly everyone agreed that Kylo Ren and Rey’s fight against the Praetorian guards in Snoke’s throne room was the blood-soaked highlight. You know what makes it even better? In The Zone-era Britney.

Polygon also pointed out that this is hardly the first Marvel scene that this worked perfectly with.

The moral of this discovery? Give our action films more diva realness, you cowards.

(Via Polygon)