CBS announces the latest ‘Amazing Race’ All-Stars cast

There had been rumors for months, but CBS officially announced the teams returning for the latest All-Stars cast of “The Amazing Race.”
Unlike “Survivor,” “The Amazing Race” has been fairly judicious in its use of returning teams over the years, so we’re only just beginning to break into three-time “Amazing Race” competitors. This group of 11 teams includes likable favorites Flight Time & Big Easy and Jet & Cord, plus Margie & Luke, who allegedly people like, even if I can’t find any evidence of which people those are. [Brendan & Rachel are only making their second “Amazing Race” appearance, but with two “Big Brother” appearances apiece, they’ve spent more time on CBS than any of the other teams.]
The producers have also heavily cast this season with high energy teams that polarized viewers and their rival teams. You might not have thought that Leo & Jamal, Natalie & Nadiya and Joey & Meghan *all* needed to return at the same time, but you’d be wrong.
“The Amazing Race” returns on Sunday, February 23 with a one-hour episode. 
Check out all 11 teams in the gallery below, along with the thing I think they’ve best remembered for, as well as my exit interviews from most of the teams’ original runs.