Steven Seagal lost a ‘Batman’ bet and this is his most recent trailer

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My close, personal friend, screenwriter Matt Allen used to work for Steven Seagal when Matt was in college. Matt's Steven Seagal stories are incredible. One of my favorite ones is Matt and Steven Seagal were at lunch at Spago's. This was 1989, and a little movie called Batman was about to come out. Seagal was certain that Batman was going to flop because Seagal felt like he could destroy Michael Keaton with his pinkie toe, and no one would turn out to see a movie with a wimp like Micheal Keaton.

In the year 2016, you might think Seagal's point of view is reasonable because 1989 is far from the era of super heroes we're in now. But you would be wrong. Back then, even if tracking isn't as sophisticated as it is now, everyone in the biz knew Tim Burton's Batman was a surefire hit. Seagal was not necessarily someone with his finger on the pulse. So Matt, looking to make extra money, bet Steven Seagal Batman would be fastest movie to make 100 million dollars in film history. Steven Seagal was really impressed with the 'stones' on Matt. But in this case, Matt didn't have 'stones,' this really was a safe bet. The modern day equivalent would be betting that Star Wars: Episode VIII will be one of the top grossing movies of all time. No kidding.

Matt made the easiest 100 bucks of his life. Or maybe not – it took a long time for Steven Seagal to pay up. Matt still has that 100 dollar check.

Also, Steven Seagal really looks like he's phoning it for End of a Gun. He is not convincing as a glib tough guy. It's not just that he's overweight – it's that he's playing this as if he's not overweight. And his line delivery, an awkward attempt at wry humor by a man who's never been funny on purpose, comes across more like hi-I-just-woke-up-for-a-nap. And for heaven's sakes, the villain has a chess board? That cliché again? What's this guy's big multi-step plan? Step one: Kidnap attractive girl. Step two: Blow things up? It's not that complex. Get over yourself.

I won't see this movie, but you know my friend Matt Allen will. Thank you for allowing me to share.