‘Entourage’ trailer is big and slick and instantly divisive

The “Entourage” movie trailer has been online for about twenty minutes at this point, and I've already seen a remarkable divide emerge between people who are excited for it and think it looks awesome and people who are making jokes about needing to shower in Valtrex after seeing the trailer.

If nothing else, then, it seems like they've upped the production value of “Entourage” just based on this first glimpse at the way the movie looks. Just that opening bit, from what I assume is the movie within the movie, looks like a real movie, something that they never quite pulled off on the show, no matter how hard they tried.

By now, anyone who has had any exposure to the series knows how they feel about it. I consider “Entourage” one of those lifestyle porn shows, and if you watch it because you like the fantasy of being a movie star and living the most decadent way possible, then I can see what you like about it. And if you find it dramatically inert and the way they paint the day-to-day business of the industry ridiculous, I can see why it would rub you the wrong way.

For fans, it looks like they'll get everything they love from this one. Ari is running a studio, and it appears they're going to let him play Ari as full-blown rage monster once again, complete with the long-suffering Lloyd by his side and Mrs. Ari still trying to turn him into something that resembles a human being. It also looks like Drama is still his little brother's albatross, while there should be plenty of jokes about Turtle and his former girth. I'm going to guess there will be a million references to the series, since the show has always leaned heavily on its own continuity and your familiarity with it.

It always felt like a relatively low-stakes show to me, and I was never particularly invested in it, but for some reason, I kept tuning in. This might be the closest to a guilty pleasure that I name, because I can tell you a million things I don't like about the show, but I can also tell you what happened over the course of the full run of the series. I think it just became a habit. I would not say I hate watched it, but I hung with it long after I'd given up on other shows I disliked.

If nothing else, moving to the bigscreen gives them a chance to put another layer of gloss on everything. We'll see if they actually hit big enough to spawn a sequel, like “Sex And The City” did, or if the moment has passed for the popularity of the show.

“Entourage” is in theaters June 5, 2015.