For Your Consideration: 15 deserving Oscar nominees from 2013 so far

As the clock ticks down on June, so it does on the first half of 2013. It’s funny how fast those first six months zip by. The Oscar season bleeds into the year, March rolls around and soon enough, the summer movie season arrives. Then Cannes and before you know it, the mid-way point.

How has the year stacked up so far? Personally, I’ve been consistently pleased, and I’m even somewhat satisfied with the blockbuster offerings of the hot months. Could anything we’ve seen so far show up on the Oscar radar at the end of the year? Time will tell, but I think there are some strong possibilities.

Predicting isn’t necessarily the spirit of this article, though. The danger of great work being showcased in the first half of the year is it being forgotten by the time the awards season rolls around, and so we’ve taken it on our shoulders to shine a spotlight on some of that deserving work in a personal “for your consideration” gallery. Many of these have little to no chance of being recognized, but so be it. We think they deserve to be in the conversation, so we’re inserting them into it.

More on the season Monday when I’ll offer up the first “Off the Carpet” column of the year. And keep an eye out over the weekend for some gurgling and signs of life in the Contenders section.

In the meantime, click through the gallery below to see what Greg Ellwood, Guy Lodge and I think should have a fighting chance from the year’s first half, and feel free to offer up your own FYCs in the comments section below.