Grizzly Bear, Ryan Gosling sing on ‘Blue Valentine’ soundtrack

Way, way back last January I had pulled out “Blue Valentine” as one of my favorite Sundance Soundtracks. Why? Not only did indie fave Grizzly Bear leave their mark (ew) all over that thing, but Ryan Gosling actually sounded exquisite in the film, singing pop tunes from the ’50s.

Now the film has gone wide(r) after a long battle with the Rating Appeals Board — going from NC-17 to R — and more folks are seeing just how sad is. But hey! On the bright side, more exposure for them Bears and Daniel Rossen’s Department of Eagles.

Lakeshore, which works in tandem with the film company of the same name, will drop “Blue Valentine” on Feb. 1.

There are no previously unreleased Grizzly Bear songs on here, but some alternate versions. And Gosling’s appropriate cover of “You Always Hurt the Ones You Love.”

Fun fact: when I asked Gosling at Park City last year if he was planning on taking his mad vocal and ukelele skills wide, he laughed it off and offered up young Matilda Ledger — real-life daughter to co-star Michelle Williams — as the real musical talent. See you in 20, kid.

Here is the tracklist to the “Blue Valentine” soundtrack:

1. Granny Dinner – Grizzly Bear
2. In Ear Park – Department of Eagles
3. Easier (Instrumental) – Grizzly Bear
4. Lullabye (Instrumental) – Grizzly Bear
5. I Live With You (Instrumental) – Grizzly Bear
6. Foreground (Instrumental) – Grizzly Bear
7. Dory (Instrumental) – Grizzly Bear
8. You Always Hurt The Ones You Love – Ryan Gosling
9. You and Me – Penny & the Quarters
10. Shift (Alternate Version) – Grizzly Bear
11. Alligator (feat. Zach Condon, Dave Longstreth & Amber Coffman) [Choir Version] – Grizzly Bea
12. Easier – Grizzly Bearr
13. Lullaby – Grizzly Bear
14. I Live With You – Grizzly Bear
15. Foreground – Grizzly Bear