‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2’ Director James Gunn Says Not To Expect A ‘Howard The Duck’ Movie From Him

Best to treat those Howard the Duck cameos in the Guardians of the Galaxy films as rations because James Gunn has no plans to do a full-on Howard the Duck movie. To be fair, Gunn’s bit of mainstream image rehab for the duck trapped in a world he never made is more than anyone else has been doing.

The social media friendly GotG director defended the honor of the Marvel character on Twitter and the discussion quickly led to Gunn stamping out the idea he has his sights set on his own Howard the Duck motion picture.

“There is NO Howard the Duck movie at the present time,” wrote Gunn about the Howard speculation. “There are a lot of comic characters I love but I’m not making films of them all.”



Speaking of which, the critically pummelled 1986 Razzie magnet that made it to theaters still ranks as a huge letdown in Gunn’s heart.

“I was an enormous fan of the comics and the 86 movie was the biggest cinematic disappointment of my life,” he explained.


Idea! Does Universal still have any sort of Howard the Duck rights? Maybe Gunn can be talked into doing a Howard the Duck movie in Universal’s (sigh) Dark Universe? Have him solve mysteries with the Wolfman and beat up The Invisible Man and you have a multi-franchise juggernaut on your hands. Just saying.