Michael Bolton Created An Epic ‘Game Of Thrones’ Theme Song For Honest Trailers

Last year, Honest Trailers was nominated for an Emmy Outstanding Short Form Variety Series but lost to Park Bench with Steve Buscemi. So this year, the folks at Screen Junkies aren’t taking any chances. They’ve been nominated again, and to hedge their bets, they’ve produced an Emmy voter “For Your Consideration” video unlike any other. Calling on the talents of Michael Bolton, Natasha Bedingfield, Brian McKnight, and Paula Cole to create a series of “Retro TV Themes,” Honest Trailers hopes to set themselves apart from the competition.

In the above video, each singer takes a classic theme song and repurposes it for other Emmy-nominated shows (and Game of Thrones). Natasha Bedingfield transforms the Perfect Strangers diddy into a theme for Stranger Things, Brian McKnight creates a Cheers-inspired theme for This Is Us, and Paula Cole turns her pensive “I Don’t Want To Wait,” once heard each week opening Dawson’s Creek, into a harrowing jingle for The Handmaid’s Tale. Then Michael Bolton, of House Bolton, sings a brand-new power ballad in honor of Game of Thrones, lack of Emmy nominations be damned! The songs are impressive on their own, but it’s the clip’s eerily accurate recreations of yesterday’s credit sequences using images from contemporary series that really puts it over the top.