Donald Glover’s Lando Calrissian May Get His Own ‘Star Wars’ Spinoff Movie, But Not Anytime Soon


UPDATE: Gizmodo explains that the original report from Premiere has been updated to reflect that Kathleen Kennedy believes a Lando spinoff could be in the cards. However, a misunderstanding occurred between the reporter and Kennedy, and Lucasfilm stresses that this project won’t be the next spinoff, only that “[Kennedy] said it’s something she’d like to do one day in the future.”
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Donald Glover’s month keeps getting better.

The Black Panther joke writer has the number one song in the country, he recently hosted a very funny SNL, Atlanta season two was even better than season one (and season one was great), and even though his name isn’t in the title, he’s apparently the real star of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Lando Calrissian has the swagger, the charisma, the cape room, and (maybe) the spinoff.

While speaking to reporters following the premiere of Solo at the Cannes Film Festival, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy revealed, “We think that the next spin-off will be dedicated to Lando Calrissian. Of course, there are still many stories to tell about Han and Chewbacca, but Lando will be next.”

Alden Ehrenreich is signed on for two more movies as Han Solo, but judging by the tepid response to his stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder, and the overwhelmingly positive reaction to Glover’s Lando, it would not be a surprise if Lucasfilm changes course and directs the next film towards the future Cloud City administrator. Here’s what our own Mike Ryan wrote about Solo.

We haven’t discussed much about the well-documented behind the scenes drama, but, up to this point in the movie, everything was going about how you’d expect a movie that had its directors fired halfway through would go.

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