‘Mad Max’ Director George Miller Wants To Make A Movie About A Genie

10.24.18 10 months ago 4 Comments


It’s been long unclear when or even if we’re getting a follow-up to Mad Max: Fury Road, the fourth in the apocalyptic road rage franchise that used to star Mel Gibson. But there’s a possibility that it may be delayed: George Miller, mastermind behind the series and the only person who should be anywhere near a Mad Max movie, has his heart currently set on making a movie about a genie.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Oscar-nominated filmmaker is shopping around Three Thousand Years of Longing, also known as Djinn. The only details we know are that it’s an epic romance, it involves a genie, and, gleaning from the alternate title, it will probably involve culling from Islamic mythology.

Miller is an ever-unpredictable auteur, who blasted onto the film scene with 1979’s Mad Max, its high-octane sequel alternately known as Mad Max 2 and The Road Warrior, plus its threequel Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. A filmmaker with a peerless gift for kineticism, he took his skills to Hollywood, where he… adapted John Updike. His take on The Witches of Eastwick had little to do with the novel, but it still showed off his gift for camera movement and a newfound love for special effects.

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