A Fan Favorite Will Return If We Ever Get Our ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Sequel

Once fans recovered from getting their faces melted off by the sheer awesomeness of Mad Max: Fury Road, the next thought was almost immediately “soooo, when’s that sequel?” Well, about that. Director George Miller has waffled back and forth regarding his work on a sequel, first saying that a Furiosa-centric prequel probably won’t happen for a long time, then that he isn’t actually making any more Mad Max movies, before finally deciding to make a few more. Eventually. While there are no concrete details about when this movie will actually begin to come together, but Miller decided to give a tiny morsel to fans waiting for another lovely, lovely day.

One of the most amazing details of Fury Road was the Doof Warrior (played by Australian rocker iOTA), wielding his guitar/flame thrower hybrid, ensuring that Immortan Joe’s War Boys had a bitchin’ soundtrack to all of their mayhem. While the Doof Warrior may have gone down with the War Rigs in a blaze of glory, there is more story to tell about the Valhalla-seeking badass. Miller told The Independent:

“I know who his mother was. I know how it was that a man who is mute and blind survived the apocalypse. I know his story very well! If we get to make another movie, the Doof Warrior will be there!”

While that “if” is a definite knife in the heart, let’s focus on the positive. The fact that a character who, outside of the coolness factor, was seemingly inconsequential has a detailed backstory is truly part of what made Fury Road such a rich narrative. While the plot was a bit simplistic, it was details, the strong performances, and the absolutely astounding visuals were what made the film such a modern classic. We may be waiting on more Furiosa for a long time, but this is yet another small reason why it’ll be worth it.

(Via The Independent)