Michael Haneke responds to ‘his’ Twitter handle

Hey, have you heard about the Michael Haneke Twitter account? No, of course the “Amour” director hasn’t set up a bit of social networking self-promotion, but someone with a sense of humor sure has.

Yes, in this “Catfish” world of cyber fakery, anybody can be anybody. But I guess it can be particularly hilarious when there isn’t much pretending going on, as is the case with the @Michael_Haneke handle.

Throwing around web verbiage you might attribute to a 12-year-old girl obsessed with Hello Kitty (or something) rather than an astute, multi-Palme-d’Or-winning practitioner of the filmmaking form, the account has amassed some 25,000 followers since it was set up on November 12. And it’s that very aspect that has the REAL Haneke so bewildered.

“A few months ago a student of mine told me about this,” he said with a laugh in a recent interview. “Of course, I hadn’t heard of it before. I tried to read some of the posts but my English isn’t good enough to allow me that. I’m really not interested in what he’s writing, but I’m fascinated by the fact that 25,000 people have subscribed to this feed of nonsense!”

Indeed. And here’s just a sampling of that “nonsense”:




My favorite? The jokester’s penchant for noting Juliette Binoche (consistently spelled “Juliet Binosh”) is the star of “Dan in Real Life.” I don’t know why. Cracks me up. For example:


Suffice it to say, the account is NOT Mr. Haneke. In case, you know, you somehow thought otherwise.

Check back later for a full interview with the Oscar-nominated writer and director, which I assure will detail more substantial talking points.