New ‘Ring’ sequel to scare in 3-D

04.27.10 9 years ago

Thought once to be a dead franchise, Paramount is circling back to “The Ring,” to release a second sequel  in 3-D.

According to THR’s Heatvision blog, David Loucka (“Dream House,” “House at the End of the Street”) is writing the script to “Ring 3D.” While full details of the plot are still in the works, the studio is hoping to revitalize the horror-thriller as a teen flick.

The first “Ring” was release in 2002 starring a then-lesser-known Naomi Watts. It was based of the Japanese title “Ringu,” originally out in 1998. The American sequel hit in 2005 and has been thought to be buried after the Paramount-Dreamworks split.

No director has been named for “Ring 3D,” though Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald are in talke to return to the producer seat.

The films at first followed a journalist investigating the mysterious deaths behind the viewing of a particular video tape, the contents itself a mystery. This forthcoming film migh follow the story of a group of teenagers who come upon a VHS player that still manages to work.


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