Robert Smigel: Triumph fits right in with politics’ nasty turn

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog has been a thorn in the side of red carpet walkers and other celebrities for years. But it”s been rare that he”s dipped his paw into the political waters… until now.

While at the Television Critics Association press tour, the man behind the muzzle – Robert Smigel – explained why he chose to develop the upcoming special in which his cigar-chomping canine traveled to both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions.

“Now that this is the tone politics is taking, this nasty turn, [I thought] it might be funny to see how Triumph fits in,” Smigel said.

Smigel went on to detail some of the bits he has in store for viewers in the 85-minute video. He discussed a segment where he walked around the convention floor with a Roger Ailes (the now former Fox News chief) look-alike as well as bringing on a fake Telemundo reporter.

“People know Triumph so well now that it”s a challenge to be a gatecrasher. They”re all more than happy to talk to Triumph,” Smigel said, “I had to figure out ways to be a pain in the ass,” he said.

But Smigel notes that despite Triumph fitting right in at the conventions, he wasn”t convinced that he could pull it off for an 85-minute program.

“I was terrified of doing more than 10 minutes of Triumph for years,” Smigel recalled. “I honestly didn”t know if people would want to see Triumph for an hour.”

As for the future of Triumph with Hulu come election season and beyond, Smigel is optimistic.

“We are talking definitely about doing more stuff with Hulu in the fall,” he said.

Triumph”s Summer Election Special 2016 premieres on Hulu on August 11.