Howard Stern’s surprising ‘Ant-Man’ revelation

Long before the current Marvel movie craze, an unlikely person tried to make an “Ant-Man” movie happen.

“I was a huge Ant-Man [fan],” Howard told “Ant-Man” star Paul Rudd on this morning's broadcast. “In fact, I was telling Robin [Quivers] earlier in the morning, about 15 years ago I had a meeting with Marvel. I tried to buy the rights to Ant-Man because I said that's a cool franchise. I really tried, and I met with some of their dudes.”

Unclear if this would have been a starring vehicle for Howard or merely a producorial effort on his part, but it's an interesting window into a time when the success of “Private Parts” saw Howard looking to expand his feature-film career. Another comic book film he was once rumored for: the never-to-be third “Batman” film from Joel Schumacher, in which Howard was reportedly considered for the role of Scarecrow.