Watch: Drew McWeeny moderates the ‘Kick-Ass’ panel at Wondercon

04.06.10 9 years ago 3 Comments

As I mentioned in the Morning Read yesterday, Saturday was a long and strange day, culminating in the event I’m going to share with you thanks to a new YouTube friend, .

It was a genuine pleasure to moderate a panel with these people.  I think they’ve made a great movie and that entire room full of Wondercon attendees seemed pumped to see what the cast had to say.  Jane Goldman, the co-writer of the film, was there along with John Romita Jr., and the cast was well-represented.  Clark Duke, Aaron Johnson, Nicolas Cage, Chloe Moretz, and Christoper Mintz-Plasse all turned up to discuss their work in the film, and earlier in the day, I sat with them for interviews you’ll see very soon.

Toys210 is the name of the guy who shot the panel at Wondercon.  Or at least that’s the name of his YouTube account. He broke it into five separate videos, and when I found it last night, Greg encouraged me to post the entire thing here for you.

It was really flattering to be asked to moderate a panel like this one, and it’s rare that I can enthusiastically endorse a film like this when moderating a panel that’s promotional in nature.  This is a gifted group of people, and they handle my questions well, then bear with the ups and downs of a Q&A with the audience..

 Here’s part one, which features my introductions and the start of the conversation:

Here’s part two, which features Nicolas Cage talking about Adam West.  Well worth enjoying, even with his horrifying case of laryngitis.

Here’s part three, which is entirely audience Q&A:

Here’s part four, featuring more audience Q&A:

Here’s part five, where we finally wrap it up.

As you can see, they made it incredibly easy on me.  I just had to be there to let things happen.  The audience and the attending talent had a blast with each other, and I think “Kick-Ass” is poised to become a genuine hit in the days and weeks ahead.

Thanks again to Lionsgate and Wondercon for having me.  Hope you enjoyed it.

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