Watch: Michael Sheen and Beau Garrett talk ‘Tron: Legacy’

12.13.10 8 years ago

When we last spoke to Michael Sheen at at Comic Con in July, not a lot was known about his character Castor, nor exactly how he fit into the story of the film. But Mr. Sheen spoke so enthusiastically about the project, it was obvious that he was a “Tron nerd.” He spoke of keeping his “11 year old self” happy by doing the film.

Cut to half a year later and his enthusiasm is in no way muted. Sitting down with his beautiful costar, Beau Garrett, we find that Sheen was highly involved in the development of his character and his look. “It was great to be a part of that and influence the direction the character went” says sheen.

Beau Garrett, on the other hand, stepped onto a much more wholly formed concept in her part as the siren Gem. “It was an idea Joe (director Joseph Kosinski) had had for a long time. I sort of got to jump into something that was already created.” said the actress.

Both actors benefitted from appearing in scenes where the sets were actually built instead of having to act in front of a green screen for a  computer generated environment. “When you’ve got it all built and you walk in there and you’re in the outfit and there’s hundreds of extras it gives you an energy and  a lift” Said Sheen.

“Tron: Legacy” Opens Friday December 17th in theaters everywhere

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