Watch: Richard Jenkins goes hunting for humans in vampire remake ‘Let Me In’

09.07.10 8 years ago 9 Comments

I’m curious, has anyone who reads Motion/Captured not seen “Let The Right One In?” Is talking about things that happened in a movie that came out two years ago considered worthy of a “spoiler alert” if the movie is being re-made for an American audience?

I ask this because although I have not seen “Let Me In” like some of the HItFix staff has, I know exactly what’s going on in this clip that was released for public consumption today. (It was played at its panel at Comic Con.) I would guess that most American horror fans who don’t have a problem with the whole “reading thing,” will have seen “Let the Right One In” and will also recall a similar situation with this character out hunting. I guess I won’t go into it for those who will see this story for the first time in English, no reading required.

I do admit, this clip definitely piques my interest in the new version. Something about this scene feels very different from the Swedish film. A slightly more raw and jarring sensibility that is not present in the original. I guess it feels, unsurprisingly, more “American” to me.

Matt Reeves did a great job manipulating tension in “Cloverfield” (as well as making me carsick) and appears to be fine tuning that craft here. The garbage bag mask pushes all our horror buttons (notes of “Friday the 13th Part 2” and “The Strangers”) and I gotta say, the music is perfect.

Watch the new clip embedded above.

“Let Me In” will open Fantastic Fest and should be in theaters October 1st 2010

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