Amanda Shires And Jason Isbell Celebrated Valentine’s Day On ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’

Amanda Shires and Jason Isbell celebrated yet another Valentine’s Day as you would expect them to: They performed together. The musically prolific married couple visited The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday, February 14 and played “Hawk For The Dove” from Shires’ 2022 album Take It Like A Man.

Shires sauntered up to the microphone while seamlessly playing the violin, and Isbell handled the guitar behind her (and peppered in backing vocals throughout the chorus). You’d never know they were a happy couple based on the song’s biting and semi-haunting lyrics. “I’m well aware of what the night’s made of / And I’m coming for you like a hawk for the dove,” Shires sang. “You can call it serious trouble / ‘Cause that’s what I want.”

The set couldn’t end without an impressive violin solo from Shires.

Just weeks ago, Isbell and Shires were announced as ambassadors for 2023 Record Store Day — becoming the first couple to receive the honor.

“We’re happy to be your Record Store Day Ambassadors for 2023,” Isbell said in a video shared to his Twitter on January 30. “We think record stores are so important, not only to the musicians who play in them — like Amanda did so many times this year and I’ve done in the past — but also to the communities and to people who love music and people who love art.”

Watch their “Hawk For The Dove” above.