Angel Olsen Gives An Approximate Release Date For The Second Part Of ‘All Mirrors’

Angel Olsen delivered one of the best albums of 2019 with All Mirrors, which is impressive considering what she released is basically only half of the overarching project. Olsen intends to release a second part of All Mirrors this year, and now she has given a vague idea of when that might happen.

Olsen said to Spanish publication Binaural (translated via Google), “It will probably come out in autumn. And I hope to do another solo tour because it gives me the opportunity to compose and reflect on some things. The same songs of All Mirrors will obviously be presented on the LP. I like to see it and understand it as the polarized version of what you have already heard.”

Olsen previously spoke about recording two versions of All Mirrors, saying, “[I] needed to separate these two records and release All Mirrors in its heaviest form. It was impossible for me to deny how powerful and surprising the songs had become. The truth is that I may have never allowed this much sonic change in the first place had I not already made an account of the same songs in their purest form.”

Meanwhile, Olsen recently joined tour opener Vagabon for a performance of “Every Woman.”

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