Big Thief Play ‘Not’ And ‘Cattails’ In An Intimate Studio Performance

Big Thief is currently on the road in support of the two albums released nearly back-to-back this year. Their most recent, Two Hands, is a compelling and darker follow-up to May’s quieter and celestial U.F.O.F. The band has stopped by several talk shows to showcase their new music. But the group decided to play a more intimate setting when they arrived at The Bunker Studios in Brooklyn for a live performance of “Not” and “Cattails.”

The studio’s walls are plated with plywood, reminiscent of a log cabin, which crafts a cozy space that lends itself perfectly to Big Thief’s sound. Lead vocalist Adrienne Lenker growls her “Not” lyrics with poignant emotion during the performance. Even with lyrical embellishment, the band’s chemistry is clear as Lenker looks to guitarist Buck Meek for assurance before a purposefully dissonant and disorienting instrumental break. Lenker even throws off her headphones in order to better immerse herself into the medley of guitars.

After the rocked-out rendition of “Not,” the band re-groups for a swaying performance of “Cattails.” Lenker sets the song’s pace with twangy guitar picking and the remainder of the band joins in with expressive percussion, showcasing the band’s impressive range of soulful songwriting.

Watch Big Thief perform “Not” and “Cattails” at The Bunker Studios above.

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