Blink-182 Broke Down ‘Edging’ And Its Various (Sometimes NSFW) Meanings

Blink-182 just released “Edging” (their first song with Tom DeLonge in a long while), and now it’s time to wonder what the tune means. It’s especially mysterious since the word “edging” doesn’t actually appear anywhere in the song’s lyrics. Now, though, the band has offered some clarity (but not really).

A video shared on the band’s TikTok yesterday is captioned, “What does edging mean to you?” DeLonge starts the clip, “Obviously, perverts like you know it’s all about having an orgasm.” It then cuts to Hoppus, who says, “Oh, it’s easy: edging is lawn care.” Barker wraps up with a nod to Kourtney Kardashian: “Fun fact: my wife and I invented edging.”

It appears this video was shot on the set of the band’s upcoming visual for “Edging” that’s set to drop today: The band is wearing the same clothes they are in a photo they shared last night to tease the video. Given that they’re posing with Cole Bennett in the photo, it appears it will be a Lyrical Lemonade production.

As for “Edging” the song, the band did offer some statements on that. Barker, who produced the track, said, “I wanted to imagine as a listener what I wanted to experience and at the same time as a band member what we wanted to make and say, and most importantly how it would sound production-wise in 2022.” Hoppus added, “I’m so happy to be back in the studio creating new music and looking forward to a giant world tour.”