Blink-182 Officially Launch Tom DeLonge’s Comeback With ‘Edging,’ A Vigorous New Single

Earlier this week, it was revealed that at long last, Tom DeLonge has rejoined Blink-182. When that news was shared, it was also revealed that the band has a new album and tour on the way, with a fresh single, “Edging,” preceding those. It’s the band’s first new song with DeLonge in over ten years and it’s out now.

The track has the classic Blink dynamic of DeLonge and Barker alternating to sing lead vocals. DeLonge sings on the chorus, “No way, no, I leave them broken-hearted / Oh no, look at the mess we started / Oh no, I lеave the broken hearts this way / Whatcha say? Wanna play?”

Barker produced the song and he says, “I wanted to imagine as a listener what I wanted to experience and at the same time as a band member what we wanted to make and say, and most importantly how it would sound production-wise in 2022.” Hoppus added, “I’m so happy to be back in the studio creating new music and looking forward to a giant world tour.”

DeLonge didn’t share a statement with the track, but after rejoining the band, he did write, “What if I was to tell you we just made the best album of our career.”

Listen to “Edging” above.