Blondshell’s ‘Fallon’ Performance Of ‘Salad’ Shows That Passover Doesn’t Mean You Need To Be A Push Over

Last night, Blondshell, real name Sabrina Teitelbaum, made her late-night TV debut on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. Ahead of her self-titled debut album, the rocker showed that the religious holiday of Passover doesn’t mean that observers need to be a pushover.

Paying homage to Judaism in the line, “Look what you did, you’ll make a killer of a Jewish girl,” Blondshell kicks off an epic story of perseverance. In a situation where it is easy to become overwhelmed with anger, instead, the musician uses the song’s story of horrific abuse as fuel to empower those around her. The track is just one of the latest showings off the Blondshell album slated to be released this Friday (April 7).

In a statement shared with Uproxx, Blondshell opened up about the album, saying, “It’s hard to summarize what this album means to me. I was able to work through so much by writing and singing these songs. In a way, I was also able to find my voice by finally saying these things out loud.”

She added, “My biggest hope is that people can see the album for what it is, ‘there’s no happy ending’ or ‘message,’ it’s just a window into what it’s like when you’re trying to figure out who you are and what you want.”

Watch Blondshell’s performance of “Salad” above.

Blondshell is out 4/7 via Partisan Records. Find more information here.