Clairo Was Backed By Children For Her Performance Of ‘I Wouldn’t Ask You’ On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Rising indie-pop sensation Clairo found fame on YouTube and recently released her debut album, Immunity. The young singer stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to perform her song “I Wouldn’t Ask You” in her late-night talk show debut. Complete with pink hair and shimmering eye shadow, Clairo impressed the crowd with her hushed and powerful vocals with the help of some children. Six kids stood poised behind Clairo holding microphones, repeating the line, “I wouldn’t ask you to take care of me,” as Clairo showed off her delicate vocal range.

Clairo’s album Immunity was co-written and produced by ex-Vampire Weekend member Rostam Batmanglij. “I Wouldn’t Ask You” is one of Immunity‘s softer tracks, but the singer added impact by curating to the stage’s ambiance. Clairo opted to use the stage’s background screen and project a slowly moving image of clouds. The child back-up singers stood on a raised platform, seemingly placed amongst the clouds.

As the beat comes in halfway through the track, Clairo takes the microphone off the stand and makes use of the large stage. Clairo paces back-and-forth on the stage as electric drum pad color’s Clairo’s subdued melodies.

Watch Clairo perform “I Wouldn’t Ask You” on Jimmy Kimmel Live above.

Immunity is out now via Fader Label. Get it here.