Coldplay Mysteriously Tease Something Called ‘Alien Radio’ And May Release A Song Next Week

Since their 2000 debut album Parachutes, Coldplay have remained consistent with their release schedule, pumping out a new album at least once every few years. Their latest full-length effort was 2019’s Everyday Life, and now, two years later, it appears there may be something new in the pipeline. At the very least, Chris Martin and company are up to something.

Earlier today, they shared a link to a website called Alien Radio FM. When accessing the site, the page features a rotating globe, which then turns into a four-pointed star. Moving the cursor across the globe plays multilingual messages from around the world. The site also features some mysterious letter-like symbols, which fans believe they have decoded. A prominent theory indicates the band is releasing a new song called “Higher Power” next Friday, May 7. If the band does release a single next week, it would be their first since Everyday Life and their first of 2021.

After having an active online presence early on during the coronavirus pandemic, Martin has mostly kept a low profile over the past year. He did, however, performin during an at-home edition of Saturday Night Live and perform on a charity Foo Fighters cover, among other things.

Coldplay is a Warner Music artist. .