Damon Albarn Believes He Once Accidentally Ate Monkey Soup: ‘This Little Hand Floated To The Top’

Between his work with Blur, Gorillaz, and his solo endeavors, Damon Albarn has been a famed musician since the early ’90s. Consequently, he has had plenty of time to explore the world and indulge in a bunch of new experiences. Some of those were particularly atypical, as Albarn thinks he once accidentally ate monkey meat.

Speaking with UK comedian Alan Carr on his Life’s A Beach podcast (as NME notes), Albarn said, “I might have eaten dog in Korea, but I think I’ve also accidentally eaten monkey in Nigeria. I was given this pepper soup and this little hand kind of floated to the top. I didn’t mean to!”

He also told a story about a time he went to a Chinese restaurant that specialized in frogs: “I think the weirdest thing I was served up was in the middle of China and it was a frog specialty restaurant. A waiter came out with a plastic bowl of live frogs and said choose your frog. […] I put my fingers into the bowl and pulled out this frog and he immediately threw it on the pavement and knocked it out.”

Albarn recorded his latest solo album — The Nearer The Fountain, More Pure The Stream Flows — partially in Iceland, and he also noted that while there, he ate seal, cured and roasted ram’s head, and fermented shark that was “buried in the ground, pissed on and left for six months.”

Check out the full Life’s A Beach episode with Albarn here.

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