Dave Grohl Reminisces About The Time David Bowie Told Him To ‘F*ck Off’

Once upon a time, two of rock’s great Davids — Dave Grohl and David Bowie — had an email exchange, and it seems like it wasn’t so positive. That’s the story Grohl tells, anyway, in an upcoming post on his “Dave’s True Stories” Instagram page.

Billboard has an exclusive early look at Grohl’s next tale (which is set to drop this week), and in it, he starts writing about how he got an email from Bowie, in which the legend told him to “f*ck off”:

“‘Well, that’s settled. Now f*ck off.’

Frozen in my living room chair, my stomach dropped like a lead weight as I stared down at my laptop screen in horror. Fingers trembling above the cold keyboard, I read and re-read those two sentences over and over again, praying that perhaps it was just some sort of typo, some kind of cruel autocorrect disaster. But…it was no mistake.

David Bowie had just told me to f-ck off.

Believe me, it wasn’t the first time my battered ears had heard such colorful language, but from the ‘Thin White Duke’ himself? What could I have possibly done to illicit such a soul-crushing reaction? Was it something I said? Or, had I done that thing that I always do when faced with a bonifide legend, nervously displaying all of my most annoying tendencies? (There are many, trust me) I retraced all of our brief encounters together over the years, digging back into….My Life with David Bowie (God, how I wish that were the title of my book….).”

If you’re not caught up, check out Grohl’s other story posts here, and follow the account to learn soon what peeved Bowie so much.