Foo Fighters Put A Hilarious, Full-Circle Twist On Their Michael Bublé Joke During Their Outside Lands Set

During Foo Fighters‘ performance at Outside Lands over the weekend, Dave Grohl continued with a bit that he had been doing on tour, where he asks if anyone in the audience knows Michael Bublé’s 2009 song, “Haven’t Met You Yet.”

The joke is based around the band’s new drummer, Josh Freese, who played drums on the original studio version of the song. He also previously performed live with Bublé.

“The last couple shows, I always look out [into the crowd]. Someone’s like, ‘I know the Bublé song,’ ‘I’ll come up and sing,’ ‘I know the f*cking Bublé song,'” Grohl told the Outside Lands crowd. “And every time someone f*cking says they know the song, they don’t know the f*cking song. Do you know the f*cking song? Who knows the f*cking song?”

After spotting someone in the audience with an “I Love Bublé” sign, Grohl invited the person to join the challenge.

“This motherf*cker better know the song! Do you know the song? Because people say they know it but they don’t!” he added.

However, there was a hilarious twist. The sign’s holder was none other than Bublé himself, who went on to flawlessly perform the words with the Foo Fighters.

“Oh my God, it’s Michael Bublé!” Grohl joked. “This bad-ass motherf*cker, and I’m not even kidding, flew in today from Argentina to f*cking sing that song to you guys.”

Check out the clip of Foo Fighters playing with Bublé above.

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