Foxing Dabble In Pop On Their Catchy New Single ‘Go Down Together’

Foxing has mostly dealt in emo-tinted indie rock over the years, but they’ve been trying some different things in recent days. After a quiet stretch, they released “Speak With The Dead,” their first new song in three years, in March. It’s a sprawling and artistic epic, and now they’ve taken another turn on their latest song, “Go Down Together,” which the band shared today.

The new tune is as pop-leaning as anything they’ve ever done, and in fact, the track is actually not too far removed stylistically from Harry Styles’ recent hit “Adore You.” “Go Down Together” is by no means a full-on pop song, but it does boast a catchy hook and is among the band’s most accessible work so far.

Ahead of the song’s release, the band shared the song’s lyrics and chords, encouraging their fans to record “pre-covers” of the song, and sure enough, many of them did, turning in a wide variety of versions of the song.

The band has yet to officially announce a follow-up to their 2018 album Nearer My God, but based on this flurry of recent activity, it certainly wouldn’t be a surprise if a confirmation on that front arrived soon.

Listen to “Go Down Together” above.

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