Foxing Returns With ‘Speak With The Dead,’ Their First New Song In Three Years

The last we heard from St. Louis band Foxing, it was 2018 and they had just released their third album Nearer My God. The group have been pretty quiet ever since, but they were evidentially hard at work on new music as the group is now ushering in a new era with the new single “Speak With The Dead” featuring Why?, their first new song in three years.

“Speak With The Dead” arrives alongside a cinematic video directed by Hayden Molinarolo, Dylan Schnitker, and vocalist Conor Murphy. Rather ambiguous, it depicts Murphy performing a ritual with his trusty sword before taking a ride on a lawnmower that he repaired.

In a statement alongside the single’s release, Foxing wrote: “For over a year now, we’ve all either faced a direct encounter or a biting proxy for death. When it feels like the ones we love are lost entirely, this song is meant to be a reminder, we couldn’t shake them if we tried. Wherever we go there they are.”

While the video marks the song’s official release, the band gave clever fans access to the single earlier this month. A few weeks ago, the band had started teasing something called Draw Down The Moon. They had linked out to a 90’s looking website with nothing but six “rituals” on-screen, including an Ouija-style puzzle to solve. Fans who were able to successfully crack the code were given early access to “Speak With The Dead.”

Listen to Foxing’s “Speak With The Dead” above.