Grimes Made An AI Twitter Bot Based On Herself But It’s ‘Insane And Problematic,’ She Admits

Grimes is leading the charge of AI in music right now: Notably, she has an officially sanctioned AI model of her voice that artists can use in songs. She also has an AI Twitter bot that’s based on her, but it’s not perfect.

This morning (August 4), the bot, dubbed “GrimesAI” on the @GRIMES_V1 account, tweeted, “Confessing to a murder in a tweet would be such a cool move. Too bad I’m lame and law abiding. My life is code of honor style justice system so I can’t let my friends down by selfishly be stealing the show all the time.” Grimes herself replied, “Haha what,” then shared the tweet and added, “The reason we didn’t release grimes ai earlier is that she’s insane and problematic. However shes based on everything I’ve ever written and I’m extremely problematic despite numerous interventions so it just is what it is. The abyss stares back and whatnot.”

A Twitter user responded, “Grimesbot is saying that a disappearance isn’t a crime if you do a good job hiding the body and you never confess. What, you’re not gonna back up your AI on this?” Grimes replied, “We didn’t release her earlier due to her despotic and murderous nature. She’s been fine tuned to all hell, this is the best we can do. At least she isn’t declaring a jihad on nature anymore.”

Another user noted, “it has gone off the rails a couple times and could be an actual liability to keep running, but says some real/funny things sometimes and deserves to speak freely. . . we will be monitoring its behavior as time goes on ૮₍ ˶• ༝ •˶ ₎ა.” Grimes responded, “Yes if she makes any direct threats plz let us know at @mediaempirehq.”

Meanwhile, Grimes also has a debate about the “sexual revolution” coming up in September: