Grimes’ Met Gala Look Was Completed By A MSCHF Sword Made Out Of An AR-15

The 2021 Met Gala took place Monday night, offering celebrities a chance to both flex their immense wealth and show just how avant-garde they’re willing to get with their style. But when it comes to futuristic looks, Grimes is always ahead of the game both on and off the red carpet. Her Met Gala look was no different, as her outfit was completed by an eye-catching accessory: a giant metal sword made out of an AR-15.

The singer showed up to the event in a flowing white gown with silver detail, a metal mask, and a massive sword. The sword was designed by the art collective MSCHF and was forged by melting down the metal of a Colt AR-15 A3 gun. Seeing as this year’s Met Gala theme was “American Independence,” Grimes definitely understood the assignment.

Though Grimes’ look definitely turned some heads, it’s not apparently the only gun MSCHF has turned into a sword. In fact, it’s part of a MSCHF’s latest Guns2Swords project, which, as the title suggests, melts down guns and reforges them to a different kind of weapon.

In their Guns2Swords manifesto, MSCHF explained the project’s mission:

“We propose that guns are a symbol that can be replaced by a different symbol without loss of satisfaction and at reduced threat to others. Guns2Swords substitutes the symbol for the real and neuters reality while salving the psyche. […] Non-mandatory gun buyback efficacy is mixed at best. Still, removing guns from circulation is never a bad thing, merely more or less effective. Chekhov’s Gun holds as true in fact as in fiction: a gun, once introduced, WILL be fired.”

Check out Grimes’ 2021 Met Gala look above.