Grimes Got A Gigantic New Back Tattoo

Getting a tattoo could be considered an important life decision, as the ink injected into your skin stays there for the rest of your life. This decision is especially important when the tattoo covers your whole back, so Grimes just made a major move: She took to Instagram last night to share a photo of a gigantic new back tattoo she just got.

The ink looks something like a warped, wire frame version of the bones in a human torso. It was done in white ink, but since the tattoo was still fresh at the time of the photo, the lines look more red than white at the moment. Grimes captioned her post, “Full back in white ink by [Trayer Tryon of Hundred Waters] w sum help from the alien computer brain of [Nusi Quero]. Don’t have a good pic cuz it hurts too much and I need to sleep haha, and it’ll be red for a few wks , but gna be beautiful alien scars. Hope everyone’s having a good day.”

Tryon and Quero also shared some images of Grimes’ tattoo. Quero explained how they collaborated on the design with Tryon, writing, “[Tryon] drew the base shapes on an iPad and then emailed me the image file. I turned it into 3D geometry, selected vertices on the shape, and guided and grew the embellishments along and around the shapes that he laid down first with a series of procedural operators (math rules) in a way that I felt spoke to his shapes, and [Grimes]. I then sent it back to him as a png overlay and etc etc and they went in on it immediately full on 1 take 1 session!”

Check out the posts about Grimes’ new ink above and below.


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