Haim Is ‘So Over’ Being Told ‘We Don’t Play Our F*cking Instruments’ After Getting Gov Ball Criticism

Haim played the Gov Ball music festival in NYC over the weekend. However, even after years in the industry, men still have something to say about the band’s performances.

“Is it me or is that bassist just acting?” Lakeshore Records’ A&R director Eric Craig commented on one of NME‘s Instagram posts of Este Haim playing, according to People Magazine.

The group eventually caught Craig’s comment and had some thoughts to respond. “I’m so used to seeing this sh*t on every f*cking video of us playing ever, but I’m so over it. Don’t ever say we don’t play our f*cking instruments,” they replied — posting a screenshot of it to their IG story.

It’s also not the first time Este Haim has received these misogynistic remarks about her playing bass. “I get [told], ‘I love that you don’t care what you look like when you play. I love that you don’t care what your face looks like when you play. I love that about you,'” she told NME in 2019. “God, thank you so much. Like, f*ck you.”

“Even the other day we were doing an interview, and it was a male journalist,” she shared with L’Officiel the following year. “He was like, ‘I want to ask you about your song ‘3AM,’’ and I was like ‘Great, love! Let’s talk about it.’ And he was like, ‘The bass line is incredible, you know? Who played it?’ And I was concerned, ’cause I was like, ‘Oh sh*t, was there a discrepancy on the credits?’ He was like, ‘Oh, I haven’t seen the credits.’”

Since Haim pushed back on IG, fans have flooded the NME post’s comments with lots of love for Este.