Haim Is Hosting Weekly Zoom Dance Classes Based On Their Videos

Haim’s recent choreographed video for “I Know Alone” seems to have put the sisters in a dancing mood, and that’s a vibe they’re looking to share. Today, the trio took to Twitter to announce a run of Zoom dance classes they will be hosting during the next few weeks.

They will be hosting a class every Sunday for the next four weeks, and each one will be focused on one of their dance-focused videos. The May 17 class will be based on “Want You Back,” while May 24 is “Little Of Your Love,” May 31 is “If I Could Change Your Mind,” and June 7 is “I Know Alone.” Interested potential participants can sign up to get an invite to the Zoom call here.

The announcement was made with a video, which is styled like an intentionally cheesy commercial. In it, the sisters begin (while alternating words), “Hi, we’re Haim. Do you dance? Dance? Dance? Dance? Dance? Dance? Dance with us. Yeah! Dance with us, every Sunday, for the next four Sundays.”


Este, Danielle, and Alana appear to have experience with Zoom, or at least in a video chat setting. Last month, Haim guested on The Late Show and gave a performance of “I Know Alone,” with each sister in a separate room.