Haim Coordinate A Zoom-Style Remote Performance Of ‘I Know Alone’ On ‘Colbert’

Despite the quarantine, Haim continues to promote their upcoming album Women In Music Pt. III. For musicians, an unmistakable part of an album promotion process is the obligatory performance on late-night television. But, since all talk shows are currently being videotaped from home, artists are forced to get creative. Haim were able to work around the restrictions of quarantine by concurrently performing their latest single “I Know Alone” via video call on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

Sitting on the floor in each of their respective homes, the Haim sisters busted out all their equipment for their performance. Each armed with a keyboard and microphone, the band gave a swaying rendition of their track.

Sharing the song on social media, Danielle Haim said the single is about feeling removed, which particularly resonates with what the world is facing:

“it was always going to be the next song we wanted to show u guys from wimpiii, but it has kind of taken on a new meaning. the first lyric we wrote was ‘i know alone like no one else does’. this came from feeling like I was in the deepest spiral of being alone and feeling like i felt loneliness deeper than anyone ever had . i remember there were a lot of solo drives with a couple diet cokes in the passengers seat, going for hours at night to clear my head. Now with everything going on ‘alone’ feels like a ritual. only I know my own little secret routine on these days of being by myself and I almost take comfort in it. It’s my own way of staying sane in my alone-ness and it’s really helping me get through this.”

Watch Haim perform “I Know Alone” on The Late Show above.

Women In Music Pt. III is out 6/26 via Columbia Records. Pre-order it here.