Hayley Williams Shares Texts That Suggest A New Paramore Album Is In The Works

Hayley Williams has spent the past year-plus focused on her solo career, which she kicked off in earnest with a pair of albums: 2020’s Petals For Armor and 2021’s Flowers For Vases/Descansos. As she has indicated lately, though, she’s ready to get back to working with Paramore, and now it looks like a new album, their first since 2017’s After Laughter, from the group is on the way.

At the very least, they’re talking about it. Last night, Williams shared a screenshot of a text conversation between Paramore drummer Zac Farro and herself. In it, Farro shared a trio of emojis, two old men and and old woman, and wrote, “paramore 6,” a reference to the band’s next album, which would be their sixth. The two then exchanged much written laughter. Williams captioned her post, “we! are! getting oooooold!”


Back in February, Williams made it clear that she’s ready for more Paramore. A fan asked if she has more solo songs that she might release and Williams responded, “there are more songs, yeah. but I’m not planning on another solo album. and I’m not sure if they’d be great for Paramore. I’m ready for the next Paramore album. let’s go.” In other responses, she said she’s excited to see how the band’s songwriting has evolved since their last effort and to see how the new songs sound.

Hayley Williams is a Warner Music artist. .