Carrie Brownstein Is Writing And Directing An Upcoming Biopic On The ’70s Rock Band Heart

A spate of recent biopics about musicians has seemingly started a trend, and music lovers have no qualms with that — as long as the films are done well. The best way to ensure that is to get a good writer, someone who is familiar with the band’s work, and make sure members of the band are also involved. Well, the latest entry into the music film canon has both – Ann Wilson of the ’70s rock band Heart broke the news that a film is being made about her and her sister Nancy’s band, and it’s written and directed by none other than Carrie Brownstein, of Sleater-Kinney and Portlandia fame.

On the Sirius XM Show “Volume West,” hosted by journalist Lyndsey Parker, Ann revealed that Carrie has already drafted at least one version of the script, and that veteran producer Lynda Obst is also working on the film for Amazon. “I can’t tell you all about it, because it’s still being written right now,” Ann said. “Carrie Brownstein is writing it… I saw the first draft of [Brownstein’s] script, it’s really cool. A few actresses have come forward, no one that’s right, but it’s known that the role of Nancy and the role of me is now being cast.”

Keep an eye out for more information on the film, and who might play these two legendary rock sisters.