Coldplay’s iHeartRadio Music Awards Performance Of ‘My Universe’ Had Fireworks And Digital Cameos Of BTS

The iHeartRadio Music Awards last night (March 27) were full of wonderful moments. Artists like Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, SZA, and BTS won big, plus indie darling Phoebe Bridgers presented Swift with the Innovator Award. Another notable moment was Coldplay’s vivacious performance.

Chris Martin begins by standing on a stage of swirling colors and sharing his gratitude before launching into “My Universe.” He runs all over the stage while members of BTS appear on screens to sing their part of the song. It ends with the celebratory raining of confetti as well as the bursting of bright fireworks into the night sky. Hard to beat!

As well as making their concerts an extravagant experience, they’ve also been working to make them accessible. Martin explained on the Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend podcast: “They are called SubPacs. My partner, gave me one as a gift because she saw someone online experiencing whatever they are experiencing with this — it’s kind of like body armor — you put it on and plug it in and it connects to the base.”

He continued: “So, we started using it and it’s been so amazing and it should get better and better. We have ten or twenty now — every night — of those packs and so if you’re hearing impaired we have an area where you sign up and you put on the pack and you can feel the show.”

Watch their performance at the iHeartRadio Music Awards above.

Coldplay is a Warner Music artist. .