Indiecast Answers Listener Questions

Steven is on the road this week doing book promotion and other fun things, so it seemed like a perfect time for he and Ian to answer some listener emails. As always, our listeners stepped up with some amazing topics this week.

First, the guys talk about the recent Sufjan Stevens Illinois musical and discuss other albums that might warrant the adaptation treatment. Second, they talk about the best three-year period in modern music history and why it’s (probably) 2000-02. Third, they revisit Car Seat Headrest’s 2020 album Making A Door Less Open and whether it’s the biggest drop-off from an acclaimed predecessor. Fourth, they talk about the run of recent jangle pop and shoegaze albums and whether it’s possible for homages to be better than the originals. Finally, they discuss their favorite recent music books, and the overall state of the 33 1/3 series.

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