Indiecast Answers Listener Questions And Names The Top Three Worst Songs Of All-Time

Spring is already around the corner and the music industry is gearing up for a new season of releases. Indiecast hosts Steven and Ian have spent the first few months of 2022 sharing their music takes, but it’s now time to hear what listeners have to say.

This week, Indiecast takes some time off of reviewing albums to read some listener mail and answer burning questions. Steven and Ian kick things off by giving advice on how music nerds can respectfully discuss albums without becoming overbearing. Then, they discuss their opinions on the best album-closing tracks and share their picks for the top three worst songs of all-time (spoiler alert: Smash Mouth gets an honorable mention).

In this week’s Recommendation Corner, Ian talks up Karate, a band who is booked for this year’s Pitchfork Music Festival and seem like the perfect fit for an Indiecast Venn diagram. Steven gives a shout-out to Goose, who he just called the “next great American jam band” in a recent feature.

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