Interpol Build A Cinematic Universe With Their New ‘Something Changed’ Video

Last week, Interpol announced a new album, The Other Side Of Make-Believe, and dropped the single “Toni.” Now they’re back with another advance look at the album via the new song “Something Changed.”

The video is a continuation of the band’s recent video for “Toni,” featuring the same characters and same setting as before. This time, the man and woman, now naked, are on the run from Paul Banks’ character as he pursues them in his car.

Banks previously said of working with director Van Alpert, “We bonded over shared film inspiration as well as a passion for classic music videos by the likes of Glazer, Cunningham, and Jonze. Van, in my opinion, is in the club with these legends; and it’s exciting to watch him build his own enduring body of work.”

He also noted of starting work on the new album remotely in 2020, “We usually write live, but for the first time I’m not shouting over a drum kit. Daniel [Kessler] and I have a strong enough chemistry that I could picture how my voice would complement the scratch demos he emailed over. Then I could turn the guys down on my laptop, locate these colorful melodies and generally get the message across in an understated fashion.”

Watch the “Something Changed” video above.

The Other Side Of Make-Believe is out 7/15 via Matador. Pre-order it here.