Is Paramore Releasing A ‘This Is Why’ Deluxe Soon?

Yesterday, Paramore sent fans into a spiral after posting a cryptic teaser to social media. The post featured a screen recording of the notes app, as the following was typed out: “RE: This Is Why… 9.28 – This Is Why… 10.2 – Why Is This?… 10.6 – Is This Why?” While the first part referenced the band’s album, This Is Why, that dropped in February, many have been wondering what the shifted titled on October 2 and October 6 could mean.

The primary fan theory is that Paramore would be dropping a deluxe version of the album — on at least one of the dates. Or maybe a single announcement before the deluxe drops.

Another one floating around is that they could release potentially two additional new projects with the listed titles.

Finally, some fans believe that a documentary is on the way. “Once again choosing to believe doc and TIW Deluxe are incoming. perhaps a live album to accompany the doc. source: myself,” one user wrote.

Another opted for some math to prove this, pointing out, “10.2… 10×2 = 20… Paramore have been a band for 20 years next year in conclusion October 2nd is the documentary announcement.”

Whatever it turns out to be, fans are on the edge of their laptops.

View Paramore’s teaser post above. Continue scrolling for some additional fan reactions.

Paramore is a Warner Music artist. .