Paramore Announced That ‘The News’ Will Be The Next Single Off ‘This Is Why’ After Teasing It On TikTok

Paramore’s sixth album, This Is Why, is scheduled to drop on February 10th, 2023, and the band has been methodically teasing and dropping new music in the process. Now after a TikTok clip seemed to indicate that the next single on the way from the new album would be “The News,” the band went ahead and confirmed that via their official Twitter account today.

In their latest TikTok post, Paramore actually played a snippet of “The News,” along with a video of singer Hayley Williams writing the 12-8 release date on a CD that she put in a package to be sent out. The post was tagged with the handle for user @gwizzle, a fan account that the video makes it seem will receive the package with the recording of the track before it drops. You can hear Williams singing the tune over math rock drumming as the track plays and just as you’re sucked into it, the music stops. This is what we call an effective teaser.

A tweet went up today with an auburn-haired Williams sitting in front of an ominous door, confirming the release of the new single. “The News. 12.8”

Looking at the tracklist for This Is Why, we see that “The News” is the second track off of the upcoming album. It follows the already released, opening title track, “This Is Why.”